Underwater Pictures

Underwater Ocean Pictures in Full Color

My biggest passion in life is the ocean. So it makes sense that capturing underwater pictures is my favorite type of photography. For years I spent every free moment I could swimming and scuba diving in the ocean. I love the calming sound of the waves and the smell of the salty sea air. The ocean is where I go to escape, relax, and gain perspective.


My love of the ocean began during childhood. However, my love of ocean photography began on my very first scuba dive. Armed with my 24-exposure 35mm disposable camera, I took my very first underwater photos. Not many pictures came out that day, but I have loved photographing the underwater world ever since.


Standing atop a hill next to the ocean, you can see the curve of the Earth and the mesmerizing expanse of water as far as the eye can see. The power and rhythm of the waves are endless. The rhythm never ceases to call my name. Do you ever find yourself standing at the edge of the ocean and wonder what lives just out of sight at the bottom of the sea?


Welcome to the bottom of the deep blue sea


Created by a passionate artist, Below is a gallery of my favorite photographs from my various trips to the bottom of the sea. These images will demonstrate the delicate nature of marine life, thus reinforcing the importance to conserve and protect not just Earth's oceans, but our entire planet as well.


Ocean photography prints as wall art or home decor


The next best thing to being at the sea and experiencing the vibrant colors of the underwater world is to bring the photos home and look at them every day! I have made my favorite selection of underwater pictures available in print so that you can take them home and enjoy them every day as well.


Whether you enjoy the full-color underwater ocean pictures of a sea anemone or a kelp forest scene in black and white, there is a selection to be made just for you. Many pictures are fantastic additions as home decor or can add a bit of serenity to your office.


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To purchase these underwater pictures, visit the Gallery Store or use the Contact Form for special requests. I look forward to helping you add a splash of the ocean to your daily view with one of these stunning underwater pictures.

Black and White Underwater Ocean Pictures

When Black and White Underwater Photography was first suggested to me, I was entirely confused. It never dawned on me to convert my beautifully colored underwater photographs to monochrome. After investing so much into the elaborate camera and lighting equipment for composing underwater, why would I ever want to do this? 


It is important to understand that the further a diver goes underwater, the more color is lost. Without lighting equipment to go with their camera, photographs simply come out as a flat blue or green color. Post-processing can alleviate some of this problem, but only to a point. To remedy this problem, underwater photographers bring powerful lights on their dives to remove this blue haze, which allows the amazing colors of the ocean creatures to reveal themselves.


It wasn’t until I first created black and white photographs with my underwater photography that I began to realize how truly powerful of a creative expression this type of photography can be. That was the day I fell in love with black and white underwater photos.

Why go through all this trouble to then get rid of the beautiful colors? Take a look at the black and white underwater photos below and explore the depth and power these works of art achieve.