#2 Sleepy Otter Watercolor

One of one edition ETF of the Sleepy Otter Watercolor photograph by Jamie Lee Peterson



Sea Otters are a what biologists call a keystone species. This means they have a great impact to the stability of their ecosystem. Other species largely depend on the presence of the otter, and if removed, the ecosystem would be changed severely.

Despite their importance and positive impact to the sea life around them, the California Sea Otter is endangered. This means that under state law, they are "fully protected" mammals. According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, conservation efforts have helped their population grow to about 3,000 individuals.


The Sea Otter in this photograph is part of the family that lives in and around the harbor of Morro Bay, California. He was often seen in a group of only 10 to 14 other otters. Compositing is used to create a unique digital work of art in the form of a watercolor painting on a blue canvas.

Back Bay Estuary sunrise at Morro Bay, California