Acrylic Wall Art

Printed directly on 1/4" or 1/8" acrylic substrate, get extra depth and radiance when paired with the polished acrylic piece of art. The image will pop with vibrant color and crisp detail.

acrylic art 2.png

Mounting Options

acrylic art.jpg

Stainless Steel Metal Posts (Stand Offs)

Stainless standoffs included in your order make mounting easy. Once installed, the acrylic piece will sit approximately 5/8" away from the wall.

french cleat.jpg

French Cleat

The French Cleat system makes it possible to hang your art and keep your mounting method hidden. One cleat is attached to the back of your Acrylic with a matching edge mounted to the wall for easy hanging. Please note: French Cleat mounts are visible with high key and light images. The acrylic is clear while the French Cleat mounts block light, which causes shadowing where the mounts are.